SUNM014 – Making Connections and StartupABQ with Micaela Brown

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Micaela Brown is the founder of StartupABQ, and the CEO of Target Market International. Micaela has been in New Mexico for less than 2 years, and successfully launched these two endeavors. Micaela has benefited greatly from the connections that she has made in the state and their willingness to help.

Topics Covered In This Interview

  • New Mexico is a relationship based market
  • Very easy to get to know the key people - ask for introductions
  • The startup network in NM is super supportive and inclusive
  • Partnership and giving back are key
  • Opportunity is only limited to how well you work with others
  • An idea, well presented and strategically marketed is all that is required to start a business
    • Must know your market and value
    • Informational interviews and connections
    • Know your need to move to the next stage
    • Helps you know what resources you will need to connect to
  • Micaela shares her experience with high's and low's as an entrepreneur
    • How her mentors and support network have helped her through it all

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