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Startup Genome is a free and open platform for collecting, curating and analyzing data about the startups, entrepreneurs, investors and community enablers in your local startup community.  It provides a real asset map of the actors that make the startup environment what it is, or what it could be. It shows how our startups and regions compare with the rest of the US.  From a another perspective, it helps show the rest of the world that New Mexico is participating in this great global movement and we have some amazing things going on.

Seeing a picture of all the companies on a state or regional map can be a pleasant surprise and a useful reality check on the local ecosystem.  It can be a critical point in the evolution from a random group of startups into a real entrepreneurial hub.

Check out your region to see if you're listed and if not, sign up and put your startup on the map!  Are there other startups and organizations you think are an important part of the picture? Encourage them to sign up too.

For more on Startup Genome and the value of 'Movements' visit:

Albuquerque Region Map:

Santa Fe Region Map:

If you're interested in more information and/or how you can help, please contact Bonn (Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Las Vegas, Espanola, Taos areas) or Eric (Albuquerque Metro area). 

We are looking for a Startup Genome curator for Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico.  If you're interested please visit:

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